Friday, May 26, 2006

First week at CHRAJ

I started my internship with the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) on May 22nd 2006. My first week at the CHRAJ has been a rather interesting one. I have had the great opportunity of meeting the Acting Commissioner of CHRAJ Ms. Anna Bossman and have emmersed myself in CHRAJ documents as a means of updating myself on the work the organization has accomplished so far. I was introduced to the staff of the variuos departments in CHARJ such as the Legal & Investigative department, Public Education and Anti Corruption, Complaints, Registry and many more. I am in many ways awed at the multi-functionality of this organization. It is this aspect of CHRAJ that perhaps allowes it to be recognized as a reliable institution by international human rights bodies such as Human Rights Watch and many others. I am positive that my time here would be useful and rewarding for my future endevours. So far I have been informed that I will be working closely Ms. Bossman and will have the opportunity to handle cases and complaints. This week I have had the opportunity to research on Human Rights Education, the CHRAJ in the near future will be releasing a Human Rights Educational manual as a way of fulfilling their human rights education mandate, I will hopefully be highly involved in the creation of this manual.


umar said...

I enjoyed reading what you have written however take your time to write very well there a lot of spelling mistakes in your script

umar said...

I am impressed about your internship report , however take time to write well there are a lot of spelling mistakes in your script.
In total i really enjoyed it.