Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Third and Fourth Weeks at CHRAJ

I must say that the work load these two weeks have been quit heavy, however, I am not complaining I am always welcoming new work and experiences, I do not wish to get to any point in this experience where I am scrambling for work to do, so I am enjoying the recent work load.

I am yet to visit the Attorney Generals Office, however, I was able to draft an introduction letter which was signed by Ms. Bossman. I am hoping to be at the Attorney Generals Office during the week of June 19th to follow up on the signing and ratification of the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention Against Torture and gather as much information as possible regarding the process.

On June 7th and 8th I was able to sit in at the Richard Anane hearing. This is an ongoing panel hearing involving allegations of corruption, abuse of office and conflict of interest against Dr. Richard Anane, Minister for Road Transport. Dr. Anane was unable to attend the first day of the hearing he was able to make it the second day and was questioned along with two of his co-workers by CHRAJ, investigations continue and final decisions on the case will be made in July.

I have also been following up on Ghana’s reporting procedures to certain UN documents, as a Human Rights agency CHRAJ role is important in not only getting the government to sign and ratify documents, but to fulfil its reporting obligations. I have also been working on an internal news bulletin which is a forum where all CHRAJ staff can exchange information about activities at the Commission, the bulletin is complete is ready to be distributed to all regional offices.

Acting Commissioner Ms. Bossman will be travelling out of the country and has assigned to me a research project on Prostitution. There have been recent issues in Ghana concerning the ill-treatment of such persons by the police and other public officials, Ghana’s prostitutions laws are unclear, I am to follow up on prostitution laws in some key countries and report back to Ms. Bossman with my findings.

I also had the opportunity to attend a training session for the CHRAJ Anti-Corruption Department. This training is designed to increase knowledge on corruption and how it manifests and also to enhance and strengthen the capacity of the department in investigating such allegations. This two day retreat started on Thursday June 15th and ended on Friday June 16.

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