Monday, July 24, 2006

As I draw nearer to the end!!

The following three weeks have been filled with Office work, research and report writing. Still waiting to get reports from the variuos regions to complete the newsletter for July, I must say getting information from the regions has been a game of cat and mouse. I received praises for the research work I conducted for Ms. Bossman on the Roles and Efffectiveness of National Human Rights Institutions. In this case I guess my research abilities proved faithful (I did not attend one of the best research institutions in the U.S in vain). I also turned in research work on prostution. I will soon be presenting to Ms. Bossman my powerpoint presentation on Economic Social and Cultural Rughts. So basically the past three weeks has literally been at my computer trying so hard to deal with the slow internet as I also try to get work done.

I have been having a lot of fun recently however. There has suddenly been an influx of interns, in totall there is about 6 of us now, when I started I was the only intern so suddenly I have been having very entertaining lunch breaks as we all (interns) share our experiences in coping with the new life here in Ghana.

Well, my internship is about to end officially on July 31st. However, I will still be hanging out in Ghana most likely still coming to CHRAJ and helping out if needed. This will give me the opportunity to do further travels within Ghana or perhaps even to other West African countries, we shall see how events play out.

I will be required at the end of my internship to turn in a report to Mr. Lartey my supervisor, I have started working on this report and will be turning it in soon as it is completed.


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